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Animo Combi – Line (CB Line) with Hot Water Tap

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Animo Combi – Line (CB Line) with Hot Water Tap

Simple, fast and reliable!

It is good to know that even when large groups of people come together, the ComBi-line bulk brewers produce large quantities of fresh filter coffee in a short period of time.

With Animo’s ComBi-line, the best of the coffee ends up in your cup. ComBi-line is equipped with a fast-filter system. The matching filters containing ground coffee are placed in special synthetic filter holders. Water passes through at exactly the right temperature, to be collected in the container.

A ComBi-line coffee machine consists of one brewing unit in combination with one or two beverage containers (5, 10, 20 or 40 litres).


The touch technology provides a very intuitive user interface. Just set the recommended quantity of coffee and follow the brewing process on-screen. A signal and display notification tells you when your coffee is ready and there you are. The ComBi-line is easy to maintain by providing simple display instructions (e.g. descaling the machine).

  • Operator and service menu
  • Programmable timers
  • Coffee dosing advice
  • Day and total counters


CB 2X5W CB 2X10W
Buffer stock coffee/tea 10 l, 80 cups 20 l, 160 cups
Hour capacity coffee/tea* abt. 30 l, 240 cups abt. 60 l, 480 cups
Boiler content 4,2 Lit 5.6 Lit
Hour capacity hot water 33 Lít 60 Lít
Electrical connection 1N~220-240V
3475W, 50-60Cy
6275W, 50-60Cy
Dimensions (WxD(xD1**)xH) in mm 815×470(330)x700 980×470(330)x790
Tap outflow height 185 mm 185 mm
Holding temperature abt. 80-85°C abt. 80-85°C
Water dosing time abt. 10 min/5 lít abt. 10 min/10 lít
Filter paper 101/317mm 152/457mm