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WMF 1300S


Coffee excellence has a name

The WMF 1300 S features high performance, compact dimensions and user-friendly operation. This perfection down to the smallest detail is the result of years of experience, quality awareness and passion for exquisite coffee enjoyment.
Its concept promises reliable service over a long product lifetime, thanks in part to simple maintenance and care.

Coffee grinders: The quiet heroes in the background

Thanks to two decoupled coffee grinders the grinding process is so quiet that the WMF 1300 S can also be placed in offices or conference rooms. The machine can process different types of beans as the grinding degree can be adjusted manually to receive an ideal extraction of the chosen beans.
The brewer made of durable high-tech polymer with a 15g capacity guarantees long life and full power in terms of coffee preparation and is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.

WMF 1300 S: A harmonious total work of art

The machine concept aims at a long-lasting, well-balanced cooperation: The high-quality components are optimally attuned to each other and work together perfectly. Robust and reliable, each component makes its contribution to the long-lasting use of the WMF 1300 S.


A milk system for diversity and variety

Create a wide range of drinks in no time at all, tailored to the personal preferences of the user: cappuccino and latte macchiato with perfect milk foam, hot milk coffee and chocolate with hot milk. Cleaning and replacing the Choc Mixer is child’s play thanks to the magnetic lock and sensor.

Clean at the push of a button

This could hardly be simpler or quicker: the automatic cleaning process starts every evening after briefly pressing the power-off button. After 250 brewings, or at the latest after 7 days, a complete system cleaning takes place. All you need to do is connect the Plug&Clean adapter and insert a cleaning tablet. Once a week the milk foamer is removed with just a flick of the wrist and inserted into the WMF milk system cleaner.

More hoppers, more possibilities

The WMF 1300 S comes with up to three hoppers – two for different types of coffee beans, and one for milk or chocolate powder. An additional manual insert for ground coffee enables you to prepare new coffee types or decaffeinated coffee in portions. All hoppers are removable, easy to clean and lockable if desired.

“The WMF 1300 S is specially designed for customers who require a simply functional, robust and reliable coffee machine with minimal maintenance.”

Raphael Nagel, Product Manager WMF Professional Coffee Machines


Power supply 2.4kW
Rec. Capacity 120 tách
Detail capacity* (Daily) 105 / 150 Espresso
110 / 1160 Cappuccino
80 / 90 Coffee
100 tách Hot Water
Beans hopper (Left) 1100 gr
Beans hopper (Right) 1100 gr
Voltage 220 – 240 V
Dimension: 325 x 670 x 574 mm
Weight ~ 37kg
Noise < 70dB (A)
Brewing unit chamber  8-16 gr
Water tank  4.0 Lít
Connect water tap (Opt.)  Yes
Smart milk  Available
Made in  Germany

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