Danh mục sản phẩm - WMF COFFEE MACHINE 1100 S

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  • Professional coffee quality, in a compact design
  • Hourly output up to 80 cups.
  • Vietnamese language available
  • Touch display 7 inch
  • Steam Jet & Plug Clean


Professional coffee quality, in a compact design.

Looking for a way to give your staff extra energy and your guests a distinctive welcome? Investing in a professional coffee machine is a smart solution. The WMF 1100 S offers a variety of delicious, top-quality coffee and chocolate beverages at a finger touch. Ideal for locations with limited space and high standards, its compact design holds many premium features usually found in larger models.

There’s simply no more solid introduction to the world of professional coffee.


Power Single Phase 1P/N/E 230V – 1.9 to 2.3 kW
Power Three Phase Not avaialable
Fix Water Connection Optional Add-on Kit
Tank Version 4.5 L Water Tank
Size (W x H x D) 325 x 500 x 561 mm


Espresso 105 / 150 cups*
Café Crème 75 / 90 cups*
Cappuccino 105 Cups
Hot Water up to 110 cups
* single / double dispensing as per DIN 18873-2


Diverse range of beverages

The WMF 1100 S caters to every taste. For hot beverages either with or without milk. With or without milk foam. Espresso, ristretto, cappuccino, café crème, espresso macchiato, milk coffee, chociatto or latte macchiato.

Beans hopper with Aroma seal

The WMF 1100 S get 2 hopper (1 Choco & 1 Coffee / 2 Coffee) . Capacity size ~ 550g/hopper. Also cover with rubber seal for protect Aroma beans & noise.

Extension Hopper ( Optional )

Friendly with convenience store staff, easy check beans hopper and customer eye-catching easier. Expand up to 3000g / 2 hopper capacity.

Fnb Latte art – Basic steam (Optional)

The WMF 1100 S understand the requirement from Fnb  Coffeeholic, so Basic steam (Optional) is always need for fine milk foam or micro foam to make latte art Barista.

Intuitive 7-inch touch display

Fast and directed guidance thanks to the intuitive operating concept with swipe function.


Ease of cleaning

Easy cleaning of the milk system with the patented Click&Clean function that is tried and tested in catering operations: it is no longer necessary to disassemble the milk foamer every day, and manual cleaning is required just once a week.


Steam Jet

Bringing the cup to ideal temperature in a cold room is essential for perfect taste and aroma. WMF 1100s has a steam jet function, which works at the touch of a button.

 Milk foam heaven

Milk foam heaven

Whether hot milk or hot milk foam, thanks to the basic milk system the consistency, temperature and taste are always spot on.

Hot chocolate (optional)

Hot chocolate (optional)

With the integrated chocolate dispenser, tasty chocolate beverages such as milk choc or chociatto are just a touch of a button away.

Technical Specifications:

  • Recommended output: 80 cups
  • Power and Voltage: 1.9 – 2.3 kW / 230 V
  • Hourly Output for Espresso Espresso 105 cups
  • Hourly output for Café Crème: 75 cups
  • Hourly output for Cappuccino: 105 cups
  • Bean hopper capacity: 550 g
  • Powder Hopper capacity: 450 g
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 325 / 500 / 561 mm
  • Weight: 25.5 kg
  • Continous Sound pressure: < 70 dB (A)

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  • 1 grinder
  • Water tank
  • Integrated milk mixer
  • Hot water outlet
  • Steam Jet
  • Power supply 230 V



  • 2nd grinder
  • Powder hopper
  • Fixed water kit
  • Basic Steam
  • Bean hopper enhancements
  • Powder hopper enhancements
  • Grounds discharger through counter