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Eros Coffee – Arabica Blend


Eros Coffee – Arabica Blend

Eros Coffee Vietnam Arabica Blend 100% pure and more special still retains the most complete and natural quintessence in every single drop of pure Italian style coffee. The passionate scent impresses and conquers even the most demanding customers.

Arabica với chất lượng hàng đầu sẽ được trồng tại vùng Cầu Đất, Đà Lạt

Eros Coffee Vietnam Arabica Blend brings with you a rich high-class coffee flavor mixed with the aroma of camellia herbs and has a full bitter after-chocolate flavor.

Arabica (tea coffee) is the most popular coffee in the world. Arabica beans are usually grown only in areas with an elevation over 1,500m above sea level. And in Vietnam, Arabica with top quality will be grown in Cau Dat, Da Lat, where the altitude is over 1200 – 1,650m.

Arabica mang theo mình độ đậm vị cafe cao cấp dày dặn xen lẫn trong đó là hương thơm thảo mộc hoa trà, và có cả vị ngọt hậu socola đắng đầy đặn

Arabica brings with her rich high-class coffee flavor mixed in with the aroma of camellia and has a sweet after full of bitter chocolate. When you drink it, the bitterness spreads in the tip of your tongue, and feels the sweet brown sugar, the aroma, and the rich roasted coffee taste in your mouth, down the throat, and then end with a sweet aftertaste. Sweet with the rich scent of natural herbal scent creating a sense of moderation and harmony

Effects of Eros Coffee Vietnam Arabica Blend:

Thanks to the acidic taste and low caffeine, Arabica reduces the negative effects on the elderly, people with heart problems but still want to enjoy the excellent coffee. Arabica does not cause insomnia because of less caffeine than Robusta coffee. Arabica is very beneficial for health. Besides, Arabica also works to reduce the aging rate, so it is very good for women.

Arabica còn có tác dụng làm giảm tốc độ lão hóa, nên rất tốt cho phụ nữ
Arabica also works to reduce the aging rate, so it is very good for women

Packaging of Eros Coffee Vietnam Arabica Blend:

With a closed processing process, helping Arabica Blend coffee beans retain the best quality for you to experience touching the senses of authentic coffee. Thanks to the specially designed packaging of Eros Coffee Vietnam Arabica Blend with Zipper and anti-odor loss valve.

Bao bì của Eros Coffee được thiết kế đặc biệt có Zipper và Van chống mất mùi

The great quality that the arabica coffee beans always captivates people to enjoy by their great taste, richness, and deliciousness that can hardly be forgotten once tasted.

Eros Coffee Vietnam Arabica Blend:

Eros coffee bean brand – Arabica blend is produced based on the coffee blend ratio between Arabica (Cau Dat) and Robusta (Gia Lai) beans.

Using the method of knowing Honey and being roasted according to an esoteric recipe exclusively for customers of Epicure Vina.Combined with high-class products like Arabica, so Epicure chose the quality of Robusta as the FINE ROBUSTA seed standard, and with Fine Robusta, it would create more sweetness that was suitable with the sour taste of Arabica.
The difference in green coffee beans:

Dedicated to automatic coffee machines Jura, Rancilio, WMF….
Information about Eros Coffee Vietnam Arabica Blend coffee beans:
Taste Level: 100%
Roast evenly: 80%
Taste level: 80%
Sweetness: 80%
Acidity: 50%
Taste Degree: 100%
Packed: 0.5 Kg / bag
Price per 1 Kilogram
Made in Vietnam

Eros Coffee – Arabica Blend
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