Rancilio made in Italy - Since 1927 - EPICURE

Rancilio made in Italy – Since 1927

We manufacture and sell professional coffee machines in over 100 countries worldwide.

We value our work as much as our clients.


Rancilio Specialty RS1

Specialty Coffee at Specialty machine

The RS1 helps coffee professionals offer a better coffee experience by providing cutting-edge brewing technology combined with Rancilio expertise and a unique workflow design, resulting in an easy to use espresso machine with a great value.

Discovery Rancilio Specialty Rs1  


From small mechanical workshops to world leaders

Rancilio Group unites the stories of four brands. Stories of men, intuitions, entrepreneurial dreams, technological innovations, designs and patents that, over the years, have created the myth of an international company that produces professional coffee machines.

Rancilio Commercial machines 


We are craftspeople and visionaries. We build each coffee machine with passion and great care.

Rancilio Grinders 

Innovative coffee machines


Giving shape to the flavour

Good for your coffee business

Attractive customer


How to know Authentic machines

Official partners and products

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Temperature profilling

for Arabica – Robusta 

Thermosyphonic / Steady Brew / Xcelsius


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