Coffee machine brands-


With almost 7 years of experience in coffee machine and coffee business in South East Asia and a selection of probably the best manufacturers in this trade on our side, we have the skill and ability to serve anybody, immaterial of size and nature of coffee and coffee equipment they require. At EPICURE we are offering you THE coffee solution – for a household just as well as for an office, Restaurant, Hotel or a Convinient Store.

For true coffee lovers and coffee connoisseurs, perfect coffee is not just a beverage, it is a lifestyle. Coffee brewing equipment are not just a technically perfected device, our machines are a beauty for your senses as well. We strongly believe in “locally” workable solutions,  or improving of the after sales service customer truthly from Epicure Vina.

“Epicure – Coffee Solutions”

Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

With the fully automatic coffee machine you can choose from the virtually unlimited selection of fresh coffee beans available, according to your taste. You can treat yourself to an exclusive roast from a delicatessen, sample a rarity found on a trip abroad, or try a value product from your local supermarket. Our machines are built to get the best out of each blend and roast. Our machines is made and control under biggest brands in this coffee industrial as Jura (Consumer to Light Commercial) ; WMF (Professional business) and ANIMO for largest demands

Semi Automatic Coffee Machines

A semi-automatic machine enables you to play around with various coffee beans and the grind size. That way, you’ll tailor your perfect espresso exactly to your taste. On top of that, you can keep varying around, because every new coffee shop you discover will offer a choice of new options. Our passion to the coffee under brands Breville (Home / Office), Rancilio (Professional Bar) and Crem Expobar (Take away coffee)

The Coffee Grinder

Fresh coffee whenever you want it, the professional grinders guarantee the perfect coffee experience made of fresh bean, ground and extracted at coffee machine. The roasting process is what gives the coffee beans their delicious aroma. Coffee contains around 1000 different aroma compounds, making it one of the most aromatic of all foods so we will need a grinder which help us to get the fine powder

The idea for Slingshot started in 2015. The goal was simple; create a Coffee Grinder that could be used by anyone, from the expert barista to the novice. A grinder, simple to use that continuously delivers the perfect dose of coffee without unnecessary coffee waste. Innovation is the driving force to what we do here at Slingshot. We are continuously striving for new ways to improve our existing product range as well as any future products we may have.

With over 55 years of experience, Cunill has earned the trust of the coffee sector in more than 70 countries around the world. In the past 10 years, the dramatic increase in its production has led Cunill to become the world leader in the number of units manufactured