Coffee Grinder – Professional


With a strong pioneering spirit EPICURE’s grinders breaks new ground in premium coffee grinding and sets the trends of tomorrow. The grinders of the manufacture from Italy, Spain… combine 100 years of workmanship and innovative technology – inspired by the highest demands of the international coffee specialty community. Our portfolio is service experience under big brands: RANCILIO, SLINGSHOT, CUNILL


We wanted to create a Coffee Grinder that can be used by anyone, from the expert barista to the novice.
A grinder simple to use that continuously delivers the perfect coffee dosage without unnecessary coffee waste.
The lack of freshness, dosage flexibility and consistency typical of the traditional doser grinder is the driving force behind the Slingshot patented design philosophy.

Slingshot also addresses the problems of the fresh on-demand style coffee grinders, where constant time adjustments are required, and speed is compromised.



In 55 years, there are many things that have changed, however the values of its founder, Pere Cunill, still remain: to combine quality, technology and experience to offer the best product on the market. Proud of its history, of the constant search for perfection and of a job well done, they have transformed this family business into a world leader in the field of coffee grinders.

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