Coffee – How to be ready back to works after September 2021?

The cost of living of office workers will be an indispensable part.

Our office is in Thu Duc City, when we return to work, the first thing we notice is that the Cost of Living of our officers has increased significantly in remote dining, delivery service with fixed costs and dishes, drinks all have selling prices that change in an increasing direction.

One of the habits that the office world exists, is the purchase of drinks remotely via ordering applications. But it’s good, during the Covid-19 epidemic, food services and consumables tend to increase in price and have high volatility. Therefore, the living costs of office workers will not be included in the original capacity

At our dining canteen, there were ideas that should expand and accommodate on-site dining with the minimum cost, bringing the most nutritional value to colleagues. We have put quite a lot of fresh and nutritious drinks on the menu

The change begins, and everyone in the office is more excited and energetic. And most of all, as my boss, he encourages and motivates his colleagues even though he has to be on duty in the most difficult meetings and decisions. But he is always fresh, and connected with the staffs.

Returning to administrative work will be a gradual process with many documents to handle. I understand that in addition to time at the company, colleagues also need more energy after work to live with family. Studying online with your children, must really consider this as a decisive time for the business and the employees to overcome.

One of the important drinks that cannot be ignored in the corporate office is “Coffee”, a traditional drink of office workers and brings the most necessary focus for long meetings

Buy a coffee machine for the company: budget design or value for personnel?

Balance is a business necessity and you will need to understand demand and estimate the true value the product will bring.

  • Functions: based on your needs, menus, and features of the office you need
  • Lifespan, wear and tear: based on the budget, cost and operability of the coffee machine
  • Suitable capacity: compatible with the number of employees who like coffee in the office (office has 100 employees but sometimes only 60-70 people like to drink coffee and can drink coffee only)
  • After-sale service: supplier’s reputation and product coverage in the domestic market.

With relatively medium and large offices, and staff of 50 people or more, using a coffee machine with a capacity of 80 cups/day is appropriate. The operating capacities of the machine are given after being practically tested for the most stability that the product offers.

Safe coffee break with Jura / WMF Professional coffee machines

The Covid-19 virus is still exists, the whole world joins hands to eliminate them, and this is a concern about shared products?

At WMF coffee machines, taking advantage of the multi-touch screen and remote data transmission technology, WMF Smart Connect removes the “Direct Touch” from the shared screen, each of you will have your own menu. Just scan the QR code, your coffee machine already has CLOUD ready to connect with your phone via web browser quickly.

The product we expect to bring to modern and traditional offices to change living habits during the pandemic, saving money in company and individual expenses is a The WMF 1100s automatic coffee machine, is the new beginning of coffee in the WMF coffee collection.

Visual Showroom WMF

Visit our online WMF showroom to visit, learn and choose for you a machine that suits your features, investment level, and expected capacity.

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The set of coffee machines from WMF has been perfected in terms of engines during the 100 years of the brand’s establishment in Germany. The expansion of advanced technological functions has revolutionized this intelligent automaton.

Please contact us to get more information, functions, needs, practicality of products at your business.

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    Coffee – How to be ready back to works after September 2021?
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