Tin Tức

Pour Guroo Latte Art Contest 2018

Pour Guroo Latte Art Contest 2018 Create a playground for baristas to showcase their skills and creativity in Latte Art, advance and enrich the knowledge of Latte Art among coffee gurus and in the Barista community. Pass the passion of Latte Art from the Australian Alumni in Vietnam to young Vietnamese CONGRATULATIONS: • WINNER: Đinh Khánh Sung (SBD 701) • 2ND PLACE: Nguyễn Lâm Nguyên Hưng (SBD 702) • 3RD PLACE: Phạm Thành Long (SBD 716) • 4TH PLACE: Huỳnh Minh Duy (SBD 703) We are thank [...]